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Kraken and wire transfer!
Comment in CryptoCurrency, "Bitfinex, Bitstamp, Kraken or else? Which FIAT to CRYPTO...", 1pts (27 Jan 18):
Since the upgrades to infra kraken works fine, money transfers and Helpdesk answers were always fast for me.
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wasnt to far away with my prediction:
Bitcoin B-, Ethereum B+, Ripple C+, Bitcoin Cash C, Cardano C, NEM C, Litecoin B-, Stellar B, EOS B-, IOTA B+, Dash C, NEO B, TRON C, Monero C-, Bitcoin Gold C-
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sign up to kraken, load your documents and wire transfer the money.
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and now offline, maybe to much load :-)
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Probably related to this:
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Gambling is a total different story than an exchange regulation wise. especially in China this seem to be very hard to accomplish.
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can someone confirm if any transaction actually happened? It seems more like a bug or a glitch...
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